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Locked Groove

References: Hotflush, Permanent Vaction

Locked Groove

Recent years have seen the landscape of techno and house change considerably. Locked Groove is one such talent who emerged from these developments.

His strength lies in his uncanny ability to shift between the industrial jams of Berghain and the lighter, deeper tones of spritely Chicago house with real guile and finesse. Both sides of his coin carry strong currency, and effectively showcase his strong natural potential as a long-term artist with a bold, ongoing influence – a true crossover threat.
It’s therefore no surprise that none other than Scuba himself has picked up on Locked Groove’s vision and ability, having signed him to Hotflush for his debut release. His follow ups, including his double ep „Heritage, on Hotflush have also received praise from respected names in the industry.

2014 and 2015 will see him broadening his sound on various labels such as Permanent Vacation and others. Furthermore Hivern Discs released his long awaited remix of Pional’s „It’s all over”. 

The following months Locked Groove will only keep establishing his name. The future looks bright..