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Feestgedruis enters PEEP

Feestgedruis enters PEEP - Sat 08-10-11, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

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After almost 6 months of piracy everywhere in the country, Feestgedruis returns to their home-harbor Ghent. This time they team up with the rascals from PeeP to organize a wicked night in the beautiful 'Vooruit' building.

Both Feestgedruis and PeeP like their beats pure and lightly disturbed, tight and clearly twisted. And they hope you do to.

Feestgedruis can look back on an amazing year and especially summer with fantastic journeys in the Wood in Brussels, outstanding collaborations with Ketaloco on the outdoor Thé Dansant parties and an overwhelming Nu Festival in the sunshine to top it all off. The parties are characterized by great decorations, a very outgoing atmosphere created by a very loyal crowd who love the music and love to party.

PeeP saw the light of day just before the summer and is the newest concept of the Kozzmozz crew who wanted to create a concept for the more housey, minimal music that’s ruling dance-floors worldwide at the moment. The first edition was everything they could have hoped for with a very unique feeling that left people yearning for more.

For this joint venture they have invited two international guests from the mighty Cocoon label from Sven Väth who are guaranteed to create that special party atmosphere that pirates and degenerates alike can’t live without.

Chris Tietjen is one of the “new generation” Cocoon artists who caught the ears of Sven when he played a couple of records at one of the infamous Cocoon after-parties in Ibiza. When Sven opened his famous Cocoon club in Frankfurt, Chris was given the chance to give official proof of his DJ skills. His gig with the master himself in 2005 was both a challenge and honour for the plucky 19 year old. And that was only the beginning of Chris rocking the main floor. A year later he gained entry in the Cocoon booking roster and was chosen by Sven as a warm-up dj. on his worldwide tour. From then on, his fame rose, through various compilations (Cocoon’s best off the year records, part 1, 2 & 3, Green & Blue, etc ... ) and gigs at major festivals and clubs. He’s an absolute favourite around the world as well as in Belgium and we’re very happy to welcome him aboard the pirate ship in Ghent.

Marcus Fix has been interested in electronic music since the early beginnings and, inspired by Kraftwerk, Yello and OFF, visited the legendary club "Omen" club in Frankfurt for the first time when he was 15. Several years and many parties later, he founded Project 2000 and became a resident DJ at the Helium bar in Frankfurt. Since then, his career rose quickly and soon, also he started playing in the main room of the Cocoon Club. At that time, he was already a guarantee for ambitious music beyond the mainstream. And now Markus Fix has become a trendsetter himself: his releases on the partner labels Cécille Records and Oslo were top sellers and gained enthusiastic reviews worldwide. Also as a DJ, he belongs to the global players and elates both promoters as well as the public with his uplifting sets.  

These two captains will share the decks with the Peep and Feestgedruis crew members. Feestgedruis unleashes their party-animals Gols, Deejames and Whizz upon the festive crowd while Spacid will be doing the honours for PeeP.

Spacid has been rocking the electronic dance-floors since the very beginning with illegal parties and the Funky Green Aliens crew and can now be heard on all major parties and festivals, playing a wide range of upfront music. Here he will dig into his more housey tunes, with a twist.

Deejames is the one who gets the party started and has loved that role for ages. He’s a big favorite in Ghent where he regularly lights up the Decadance club and was at the forefront of the now closed but very popular Make-Up club. Next to that he plays all over the country and beyond….

Gols has always considered music as his muse. His musical road began taking shape during the late 90’s, where he played some unforgettable gigs at several banging clubs in Belgium. In the beginning of 2008 he began producing with his good friend Tom Dazing. They soon gave birth to their very own musical children: Pussy Bumpinsero (Miconn), No Hay Banda (Dreielf) and Suricata Suricatta (Coincidence) and more. After organizing several successful Thriller parties in Decance, they set up their very own label, Thrill Recordings.’

Whizz organizes the Smiley Tribe parties where he brings people the best in minimal, progressive dance music in anice party concept. More recently he became a resident at Feestgedruis where he got in touch with his deeper, housier side in music.

With such amazing masters of ceremony at the wheel, we are bound to sail away on a great and adventurous night, be part of it and come as a true party pirate for the ultimate experience. Expect lots of fireworks, dressed up people, massive sound, rum for the pirates and a smile on everybody's face!!

So get ready for ultra positive and exceptional electronic pleasures @ Feestgedruis enters PeeP! 


Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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