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PEEP enters Feestgedruis

PEEP enters Feestgedruis - Sat 06-10-12, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

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The rascals from Peep and the pirates from Feestgedruis joined forces for the first time last year and it proved an explosive mix. So explosive that a follow-up party wasn’t far behind and why stop a good thing when you’ve got it …

So after a hot summer season with lots of emotions and craziness, it's time to start the indoor-program again. And where better can we do this then at the beloved 'Vooruit' in Ghent. Once again PeeP invites Feestgedruis for a beautiful night together with both our beloved crews. So take your sword, jump in your boots & come celebrate with us. Both teams will make sure that the cannons are loaded with clean bass-lines & that the room will be filled with magical side effects.

The cannon men & woman at your service this time are  …

Mathew Jonson really is one of a kind. He's developed one of the most distinctive voices in electronic dance music: when you hear one of Jonson's tracks, you almost immediately know it's his. And yet there's no mistaking any given track for another. Despite his quick ascent through the ranks of the techno elite, Jonson hasn't just stayed personally grounded. He's devoted much of his energy to supporting his own close musical family, both in the groups Cobblestone Jazz and the Modern Deep Left Quartet, and with his Wagon Repair label. His first record, in 2001, was the first release on the B.C. label Itiswhatitis, appropriately titled "New Identity." Others followed and in 2003, he also made his first appearance on Perlon with "Alpine Rocket", a track he recorded alongside Luciano. And then, suddenly, Jonson was everywhere: Itiswhatitis, Sub Static, Arbutus, Kompakt, M-nus and every track became an anthem.  In 2005, Jonson co-founded Wagon Repair, and it's been a blur since, a nonstop series of tours and recordings, solo and with his band-mates. Crucially, he moved to Berlin. Here, he and partner de la Plante set up Cobblestone Jazz' European headquarters and came up with some remarkable material. Having perfected his brand of earthshaking and epic tracks like "Marionette”, "Return of the Zombie Bikers" and "Symphony for the Apocalypse”, Jonson has increasingly turned his efforts towards more personal, introspective music. He hasn't left the clubs behind either. His album “Agents of Time” features a number of tracks that are as hip-windingly wily as anything he's produced yet, full-on tracks like "Girls Got Rhythm" and "Thieves in Digital Land”. And now fully Live at Peep enters Feestgedruis. We for one, can’t wait !

Anthea has come up through the dj. ranks demonstrating a subtlety and sophistication that most of her male counterparts can only wish for. Her keen sense of mood and groove, and sleekly funk-driven productions have seen fledgling efforts debuted on key labels Freak ‘n’ Chic, Cecille, Supplement-Facts and Tuningspork. These days, she has developed a distinctive style very much her own – somewhere lodged between house and techno; always deep, tribal and bass-line fuelled. Word of her stylistically funk-driven sound has not only landed her a coveted Ibiza Voice podcast, but steadily spread across Europe. Her long held love of the studio clearly shows in her collaborations with close friend Alex Celler and with Werner Niedermeier as JC Freaks. Her alliance with the former shows more than a little musical chemistry between the two – the hit “Caedmon Loop” stormed dance floors to become one of Ibiza’s best-loved anthems, whilst work with the latter has supplied several classy EP’s on labels such as Phonica, Mojuba and offshoot Wandering – proving that (if we were in any doubt!) here is a lady who knows her craft.

Ultrasone is Igor Vicente and Vernon Bara. With records on Visionquest, Hot Creations and Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts, Ultrasone is one of Belgium's fastest rising house duos. Both met years ago in their hometown of Mons, but until recently took different paths. Bara got his feet wet as a producer, releasing dozens of tracks and dj’ing in clubs around Europe. Vicente, while notching up international gigs as well, became a player in Belgium's club scene, dj’ing at top venues like Fuse and Silo, and eventually founding one of Ghent's finest parties: Wildfamily at Decadance. The series became one of Belgium's main outposts for underground house and techno. Their first guest was Jamie Jones and since then they've hosted dozens of equally essential artists, including the likes of Seth Troxler and Guy Gerber. Bara can’t make it on this night but Igor will represent Ultrasone with flying colors!

Spacid has been rocking the electronic dance-floors since the very beginning of the existence of electronic music. Throughout the years he dug into all the different genres with vigor. Today you can hear him on all the major parties and festivals, playing a wide range of upfront music. Here he will dig into his more housey tunes and especially those with a twist.

Due to his short period in the Hip Hop scene, Fernando Costantini has the tendency to build up his music with mechanical, industrial sounds. The biggest inspirations for his productions are the sweet ambience, the delightful human contact and the fine relationships built during his travel experiences. Fernando, supported by TINI, Anthea, Igor Vicente, Yaya and many others, maintains a lovely musical cooperation with Alexandar Kyosev. Together they are responsible for the releases “Movin On” and “Delimited” on 1traxx Records and Karton as well as an impressive remix for Anthea who is spread around by Broquade, the label of Dana Ruh, where Rhadoo also hangs out and which can count on big support from Ricardo Villalobos. Fernando is first and foremost fond of local productions made by his friends. For him music needs to be shared!

Die Clique’s passion for electronic music began when house guru Moodymann released his “Shades of Jae”. Overwhelmed by this piece of dance music, he bought his first records and got himself positioned behind the turntables. As the years passed by, the enormous wave of tech house and minimal form Germany and the UK influenced him even further. By now, Die Clique played his tunes at the biggest Belgian clubs & festivals (Café d’Anvers, Decadance, Extrema, .. ). Die Clique will serve you a vivid, diverse and breath-taking set. And as a fully-fledged member of Feestgedruis, he will do his every best to break all boundaries.

Feestgedruis can look back on fantastic journeys in the Wood and Magic Mirrors in Brussels, outstanding collaborations with Ketaloco on the outdoor Thé Dansant parties and an overwhelming Nu Festival in the sunshine to top off the summer. The parties are characterized by great decorations inspired by pirates and more, a very outgoing atmosphere created by a very loyal crowd who love the music and the party. Actually the party culture is their lifestyle!

PeeP is the latest concept of the Kozzmozz crew who wanted to create a concept for the more housey, minimal music that’s ruling dance-floors worldwide at the moment. The first edition was everything they could have hoped for with a very unique feeling that left people yearning for more.  And more is what we are giving them!

Get ready to get down to ultra positive and exceptional electronic pleasures for Pirates @ this new edition of Feestgedruis enters PeeP ! 


Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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